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Crowdfunding for live cams sites


The world of crowdfunding is quite big and it works exceptionally well with live cam sites. For those who did not know, crowdfunding is a practice of funding a venture or a project by raising smaller amounts of money from a group of people, usually through the internet.

There are different types of crowdfunding; the reward crowdfunding where the investors will be able to contribute to the venture in return for some non-financial benefits. The debt crowdfunding allows investors to have a chance and fund their project in return for a financial interest on a given investment. The Equity crowdfunding will allow you to invest money in exchange for shares and the donation crowdfunding is mostly designed for charities, where people can raise money for a social or charitable project.

Well, it looks like the live streaming platforms are becoming the perfect tool for crowdfunding. Even YouTube is offering Super Chat, as it replaced the ‘Fan Funding’, and this is a push that will help content creators to monetize their channels through streaming. It is quite obvious that this was a big decision made by Google, and it came right after Facebook has reported having a huge success with live streaming.

Why is Live streaming so affecting for crowdfunding?

When looking at the reputation, one can easily say that Offbeatr is one of the most convenient websites for crowdfunding pornography, especially the furry porn projects. We all know that furries have become more and more popular, both as a fetish and as a hobby, and they are responsible for making Offbeatr a bit more popular.

First of all, you have audience participation, where the people who are watching the live streams get to be a part of the live stream by donating…etc. On the other hand, you also have peer recognition, where fans will receive instant gratification for the contribution, they made in an acknowledgment from their favorite content creators.

It is all about the atmosphere and the energy that is surrounding the live video, and we all know that the live cam shows tend to be quite positive and frankly, hot. Most live streaming websites will display the donation information to the public, which adds to making that individual feel special. There is nothing quite like the ability to host live cam sessions to a ton of people and be able to recognize the individuals who are making contributions on a personal level.

However, what are the best crowdfunding options for a live sex shows site? While there are many crowdfunding sites, they are not all meant to be used for pornographic purposes, although they could be used in those ways as well. Below, you will learn more about the best crowdfunding places for streaming live cam shows.

Live streaming and Kickstarter

Kickstarter is perhaps the most known out of all the other crowdfunding sites, and for a good reason. The site was founded in April, way back in 2009, and this is an American public-benefit corporation. The site itself was in charge of launching some very popular products that have become hits, like the Ouya game console, the Pebble Watch, and even the Reading Rainbow reboot. However, this crowdfunding site does not allow pornographic content to be crowdfunded.

Those who are looking for basic funding should set their goal and time in which they would love to raise that money before their project expires. In the past, Kickstarter did not allow crowdfunding for just anything, but today they are a bit more open-minded. However, members are still able to report the crowdfunding projects that they see as offensive, whatever that might mean to every individual.

What about CumFundMe?

There is also CumFundMe, which is a crowdfunding website made just for the sex industry, and that also includes the webcam industry. We live in a world where people love to ask for money to build their new fancy projects or to create a business. While a person pleading for money might seem a bit gauche, GoFundMe and Kickstarter love helping their artists and entrepreneurs get money for their projects through crowdfunding.

Since GoFundMe and Kickstarter are not big on crowdfunding sexual content, a gentleman by the name of Ricky Booker, from Arizona, decided to launch CumFundMe, which will cater to just what you think; sexual content. There is no need for an upcoming sex toy or company to be denied the ability to raise money for their campaigns in order to reach a bigger goal or finish a master project.

Pitch new adult ideas to Offbeatr!

According to Offbeatr, they are open to hearing new ideas for adult projects. The proposals registered users send can then be supported through votes by other site users. After the goal of the vote has been reached, the projects can then start a crowdfunding goal and raise money. Those who decide to give their own proposals can promise rewards and different products to entice support. Of course, those promises need to be fulfilled if they reach their goal.

Currently, you will be able to see that Offbeatr is polling a couple of projects; Double D Erotica, which is a female-owned company that markets black lesbian community, The Importance of Being Open, which is a series of short movies following a couple, their process of meeting…etc. The Sex Twin is a proposal for an online porn search engine that will allow the users to upload a picture of a person and see the adult entertainment figure that resembles that person… and so on.


There is no reason for you to view Offbeatr as the only option for crowdfunding, but it is important to know which crowdfunding sites actually allow pornographic content. While Kickstarter is the most popular crowdfunding site, Offbeatr is being called the ‘Kickstarter of porn’, which is quite big. If you have an adult project you wish to raise money for, your best choice might, in fact, be Offbeatr.


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